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1-on-1 Grief Coaching

Grief coaching aligns the coach and the client as partners to navigate through the wilderness of grief together.

The Grief Recovery Method®

This action-oriented process helps clients “grieve and complete” relationships that have ended or changed as a result of death, divorce, and > 40 other losses.


My personal story is a testament to finding purpose in the pain and I want to share that inspiration with your group.



The detailed story of my personal journey from grief to gratitude will change the trajectory of your life while on your grief journey.

Wellness Advocate

Self-care Advocate for six unique essential oil blends carefully formulated to provide targeted emotional benefits naturally.

Sympathy Boxes

In lieu of flowers, show your love & sympathy for all who grieve with a gift certificate for grief coaching services and/or product bundles.

About Me

I survived a traumatic single car accident in 2005 that claimed the life of my mother and aunt after a relative fell asleep while driving long distance. I used my faith to move mountains of tragedy in order to regain my hope and begin to heal my soul after suffering such loss.  In 2016, I began training to become a coach. My training helped me to discover my purpose – to help others navigate through the wilderness of grief.

Video Testimonials

Marvin Davis

Roshanna Evans

Peter A. James


As little as 2% of unresolved grief can impact every area of your life – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.


It takes on average five to eight years to overcome a traumatic loss.

1 in 10

1 in 10 people are suffering from depression as result of unresolved grief.


The onset of PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, occurs about one to three months after one experiences a traumatic event.


Only 50% of people with PTSD in the general population – non-military – ever seek treatment.

Latonia White

“I was able to quickly establish rapport with Heather as my grief coach. I found her to be a Godly woman and she has been able to provide me help and hope for my grief through coaching and encouragement. I felt that she cared about me throughout the entire grieving process. I highly recommend Heather to anyone who may be experiencing grief or know of someone who is grieving.”

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The Grief Recovery Method® Guide for Loss: 61 tips on the experience of Grief and how to help people through it.


This grief ebook will give you information about loss and how I can help.

This book covers:

  • The best grief definition you will find
  • Typical responses associated with grief
  • How do I know if I’m incomplete with a loss?
  • Why the 5 Stages of Grief are a myth
  • Plus 50 other pieces of important information for you on the topic of grief

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