I walk with the client through each step of the way to shift the client’s focus from the loss and pain to embracing meaning and purpose in life again.


I co-authored, “The Roots of Holiday Grief: Transcending Loss During the Holidays and Beyond,” an anthology that includes my inspiring personal story of loss, hope, healing, and gratitude.   My life transformation coaching program, “The 7 Keys To Transforming Trauma Into Triumph,” is available via audio CD.  It includes seven profound coaching sessions to help you shift from grief to gratitude in the shortest time possible.


What have you been taught about grief? Society has avoided talking about grief for centuries but expects people to just bounce back into reality after loss. Grief is always the elephant in the room but it is also the normal and natural response to loss. For all human beings, loss in some form is inevitable. Our glocal community needs to be as comfortable talking about loss and grief as we are about preparing for an emergency.


My greatest mission is to educate my glocal (global + local) community about grief. Society has avoided talking about grief for centuries. The expectation is for people to just bounce back into reality after experiencing loss. My personal story is a testament to my resiliency and my ability to find purpose in my pain. I want to share that inspiration with your group during a keynote address, workshop or event.

1-ON-1 Grief support

Your grief journey is unique to you. Grief coaching aligns the coach and the client as partners to navigate through the wilderness of grief together. As a certified grief coach, I will create safe space for you to share your story with me no matter where you are on your journey. My coaching services offer clients the opportunity to experience empowerment without the stigma of seeking mental health support. The client is the expert in their experience.

I also have several products to support my services.

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Latonia White

I was able to quickly establish rapport with Heather as my grief coach. I found her to be a Godly woman and she has been able to provide me help and hope for my grief through coaching and encouragement. I felt that she cared about me throughout the entire grieving process. I highly recommend Heather to anyone who may be experiencing grief or know of someone who is grieving."

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