Where in your life are you feeling stuck as a result of experiencing loss?

How do you cope with these painful emotions when the sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday season are unavoidable? How do you garner happiness for others as you watch celebrations of family togetherness while your heart is breaking? Some have even asked, “How do I make the holiday season disappear?” You are not alone on this journey.

While the root causes of holiday grief are many, one will find inspiration from the personal stories shared. The authors share their unmasked pain from the deepest parts of their hearts and souls. They share experiences of transcending losses related to death, relationships, health, career, divorce, faith, miscarriage, self-identify, and much more.

Latonia White

I was able to quickly establish rapport with Heather as my grief coach. I found her to be a Godly woman and she has been able to provide me help and hope for my grief through coaching and encouragement. I felt that she cared about me throughout the entire grieving process. I highly recommend Heather to anyone who may be experiencing grief or know of someone who is grieving.”

Peter A. James

Roshanna Evans

Marvin Davis


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